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Many of the clients who seek our services for their estate planning needs also turn to us for guidance in residential real estate transactions. At Donald R. Johannes, Attorney at Law, we are well qualified in this role. Our founder, Donald R. Johannes, is an experienced Highland residential real estate attorney who knows the law on Illinois property.

We can help homebuyers and home sellers with a wide range of their residential real estate needs. We draft contracts and attend closings, guiding you through the mortgage process and advising you of the pitfalls of buying and selling a house.

Passing Down Land From One Generation To The Next

Many of our clients have farmland that has been in their families for generations. Passing down farmland from generation to generation can be a challenge because family members often have differing ideas about what should be done. Many have moved away from Illinois, while some have stayed and taken up farming.

If you have land in your family, there are several options for passing it from one generation to the next without getting into tax trouble. It may be possible to put the land into something called an irrevocable trust. Forming a limited liability company (LLC), corporation or family limited partnership may also be an option.

At our law office, we work with a CPA or financial planner as a team, especially when an estate is big and assets are complex. We will present you with your options, and you can pick the plan that appeals to you. Our goal is to do what makes sense for you and your family — now and in the foreseeable future.

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