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Posts tagged "Estate Planning"

Estate planning: Leaving a messy estate could cause problems

The last thing people want is to leave a mess for loved ones after they've passed away. But that is exactly what could happen if someone leaves a messy estate. So, those intent on comprehensive estate planning in Illinois, would be wise to ensure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed. When family members are left sorting through every item of clothing and looking in every crack and crevice for something that might have been saved, it may only add to their stress when they're already grieving.

Why it's important to update estate planning documents

Going through the time-consuming task of fashioning an estate plan may fall short if that plan isn't updated as life changes. Estate planning documents in Illinois should always be as current as possible and should reflect current life situations. Amassing documents like a will and storing them in a safety deposit box for decades without ever looking at them again may be doing beneficiaries a great disservice.

Health care directives in Illinois estate planning

When planning their estates, many people choose to leave directions as to what they would like to have happen should they become ill and not be able to make decisions regarding their health care. These inclusions in estate planning are called health care directives. But are these directive enforceable in Illinois? Health care providers are obligated to follow any written health care orders that are put in place, with some exceptions.

Even those under 40 should think about estate planning

It has been said that there are two certainties in life -- death and taxes. Unfortunately, they are also well associated with each other. Rarely, do people under the age of 40 in Illinois think about dying, much less begin estate planning, just in case the unforeseen should happen. Doing so, however, could be a wise step since a carefully prepared estate plan will maximize the amount of assets that actually end up in the hands of beneficiaries.

The numerous benefits involved with estate planning in Illinois

Many individuals in Illinois and elsewhere may consider it intimidating to plan for certain scenarios in life. However, while forming a strategy for the unknown can seem a daunting task, it could also prove exceedingly beneficial in the future. By exploring the potential advantages that are available in estate planning, one may be able to overcome previous hesitations and decide upon a path with his or her wishes for the future at heart.

Exploring the available estate planning options with guidance

Many individuals in Illinois and elsewhere may place a great deal of importance into the process of planning for the future. However, with numerous crucial aspects to consider when planning an estate, many may feel somewhat intimidated by the process. Those who wish to plan for the future may be able to overcome any previous hesitation by exploring the available options in estate planning, as well as the potential benefits of each.

Estate planning: Updating beneficiaries could prove crucial

Many individuals in Illinois and elsewhere find it crucial to have a plan in place for whatever the future may hold. While enacting a strategy can be beneficial, change may be inevitable, and a person's circumstances and preferences can alter over time. Those seeking to protect their wishes for the future might find it advisable to make the necessary estate planning updates as needed, which could help prevent a devastating outcome down the line.

Updating estate planning information could prove invaluable

Many individuals in Illinois and elsewhere consider it essential to have a plan in place for the future. Estate planning offers a variety of benefits, but it can also be a complex process, and any mistakes can prove detrimental. When planning ahead, one might find it beneficial to seek guidance in navigating the process to ensure they cover every aspect along the way.

Many people debating Hugh Hefner's estate planning practices

 Those in Illinois facing issues regarding final wills and testaments may want to pay close attention to an ongoing debate regarding Hugh Hefner's plans. Inside sources say Hefner's estate planning documents included prenuptial contracts, a final will and several other documents as well. One detail that has shocked many is that his wife Crystal Harris, whom he married in 2012, was not listed in his will as his beneficiary.

Exploring the numerous advantages of estate planning

Some individuals in Illinois and across the country may find the process of planning for the unknown to be stressful and intimidating. However, any uncertainty associated with the idea of estate planning could be easily outweighed by the advantages it may offer. By exploring the numerous available options involved with a similar process, one might be able to form a plan to cover a variety of possibilities and avoid a potential disaster down the road.