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When a loved one needs special care, talking to an estate planning attorney about a guardianship can be the best step toward getting the assistance he or she needs. At the Highland, Illinois, office of Donald R. Johannes, Attorney at Law, we can help.

About Guardianships

Sometimes, a person is unable to make personal decisions (including decisions regarding medical care and living arrangements) or financial decisions for him or herself. If that person is an adult, and he or she has not executed a living trust and/or health and financial powers of attorney, a guardian may be appointed to make these decisions.

In a guardianship, the court appoints a person to handle critical life decisions for someone else, including:

  • Decisions about medical care — This is called a “guardian of the person” and can be useful when a loved one is not making decisions in his or her best interests. These guardianships help keep loved ones healthy and safe.
  • Decisions about finances — This is called a “guardian of the estate” and can be useful for protecting a loved one’s assets, especially when someone is taking advantage of an elderly person. Many older Americans are taken advantage of by caretakers and strangers who do not have their best interests at heart.

If you believe that someone is taking advantage of your parent, talking with a Highland guardianship attorney is a good place to start. While we practice mainly in the area of estate planning, we can help our clients spot elder abuse and direct them toward the resources needed to stop it.

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