Safeguarding long term care planning documents

| Sep 19, 2019 | long term care planning

Taking the time to plan for unforeseen future events also means keeping the documents safe upon which those plans are written. Illinois residents who have taken the time for long term care planning should have those documents well-organized and in a safe place accessible for when the time comes. Not having documents at the ready could create a nightmare situation for the person who has written them and for their family members. 

Long term care planning documents could include the wishes of the person writing such plans and may provide instructions for individual care depending on health issues and needs. A care plan is a written document that records the outcome of the care planning process which includes communication with the parties involved such as family members and health care practitioners. Such a plan can be reviewed as life changes or when health changes. Some experts suggest a plan should be reviewed yearly.

Those who choose to store important documents like a long term care plan at home should make at least three copies and tell a family member where they can be found. Ideally, housing them in a fireproof safe would be a good idea. A safety deposit box might be another alternative. 

An Illinois attorney may be the best option when it comes to holding important documents like those associated with a client’s long term care planning. They would also be easily accessible for any updates or revisions as the need arises. After all, a lawyer may be the one to have assisted the person in writing the plan, as is the case in many instances.