Long term care planning: Taking care of aging parents in Illinois

| Jul 10, 2018 | long term care planning

Time waits for no one. And as much as children don’t like to think about it, their parents will get old and may need their help. Long term care planning in Illinois is essential for helping the elderly to continue to lead productive, independent lives. When that is no longer a possibility, planning can ensure senior citizens are given the best care possible when they can no longer care for themselves.

Such planning can also help in ascertaining the financial aspects of possible long term care. For example, a private room in a nursing home can cost more than $8,000 a month in some instances with a semi-private room averaging more than $7,000 a month. Waiting too long may cause undue financial hardship on a family looking for a facility for an elderly parent.

Opening up the lines of communication with a parent may make the ensuing years less stressful. Older folks may have pensions, personal investments and Social Security benefits that may help in the financial aspects of long term care. No parent wants to be a burden to his or her children, so talking openly and planning for the future may also  be on the minds of parents.

An Illinois lawyer may be able to provide information on other ways adult children can help their aging parents with long term care planning. This type of planning should be started while people are still mentally capable of making legal and financial decisions with which a lawyer may be able to help. The process could be initiated by an adult child acting as an agent under a durable power of attorney drafted by a lawyer should a parent lose mental capacity.