Proper writing of wills could keep the peace in Illinois families

| Apr 1, 2018 | wills

Most people would like to leave something to their loved ones after they pass away. But there may be some downsides to the contents of wills that may cause some serious family squabbles, pitting loved ones against loved ones. So, in Illinois, communicating clearly to adult children what an estate plan includes could mean the difference between bringing siblings together or tearing them apart.

Most parents can cause a rift between their children without meaning to because of their estate plans. Dividing everything evenly among children isn’t always necessarily the best way to proceed. Testators can leave their assets to whomever they wish, but experts say communicating wishes to loved ones prior to death may avoid horrible family spats.

The more concise and clearly worded wills are, the better. Discussing who would like what is perhaps not a conversation parents wish to have with their children, but one that may be necessary to keep the peace. Naming a good executor may also make a difference, and if one child is chosen over another, giving a reason for the decision may also allay any bad feelings.

An Illinois attorney may be able to help in the proper planning of wills to avoid dissension and bad feelings between adult children after their parents have passed on. A lawyer may be able to help a client write a will that includes all adult children and one that divides an estate equally between them. It is better to iron out potential problems before they are likely to happen. 

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