Estate planning: Leaving a messy estate could cause problems

| Apr 17, 2018 | Estate Planning

The last thing people want is to leave a mess for loved ones after they’ve passed away. But that is exactly what could happen if someone leaves a messy estate. So, those intent on comprehensive estate planning in Illinois, would be wise to ensure all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed. When family members are left sorting through every item of clothing and looking in every crack and crevice for something that might have been saved, it may only add to their stress when they’re already grieving.

When people take the time to go through their possessions and either earmark them for an individual person and get rid of those items they aren’t using and don’t believe anyone else will either, it may make estate administration an easier process. Beneficiaries — most likely loved ones — will appreciate the effort. It may be wise to do the same thing with assets. Consolidation may be wise in more ways than one.

For those who have real estate holdings, perhaps liquidating some of the property could be an idea. Assets may not only be easier to manage, but also a lot less hassle for an executor to look after. Another big help to heirs is having all estate paperwork in one place. Having to hunt for a will when experiencing the loss of a loved one may be overwhelming.

There are ways of estate planning that will pave a clean, no fuss way for beneficiaries. Getting the help of an Illinois attorney may make estate planning seem less daunting. Loved ones will appreciate the time and care taken when it comes time for estate administration.   

Source: Forbes, “7 Big Estate Planning Mistakes: Leaving A Messy Estate“, Bob Carlson, Accessed on April 16, 2018