Long term care planning is crucial for old age

| Feb 5, 2018 | long term care planning

Younger folks don’t sit around thinking about getting old and what their lives might look like when that happens. Many Illinois residents don’t take the time to devote to long term care planning while doing so may make their golden years shine brighter had they planned for it. With some forethought about the future, people may be able to stay in their homes longer without a lot of help, stay healthier and have enough money to meet their needs and to enjoy their later years.

The likelihood that people may need long term care at some point in their lives is more pronounced than other life events for which people plan like a house fire or a major car accident. People pay for house and car insurance but are reluctant to put funds aside for their future independence. It seems even those who are 65 years of age or older aren’t taking the time — for a myriad of reasons — to prepare for the possibility they may need long term care.

Should elders not have a plan in place for their care, their burden will likely fall on family members. Sometimes it may mean the sacrifice of time and resources when dire straits situations could have been prevented. People are living longer and there are countless reasons long term care planning makes sense for those involved and for their families.

Long term care planning for elder years simply makes sense. For those in Illinois who have questions about how to plan for long term care and what might be involved in such planning, obtaining legal counsel may be a wise move. An attorney might be able to provide such estate planning guidance for those who wish to cover all bases when it comes to their own elder care.

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