Long term care planning important to protect the family

| Aug 23, 2017 | long term care planning

The average Illinois resident recognizes the need to plan for the future. Thus, families plan for retirement, vacations and even death. However, one area which many families fail to address is the need for long term care planning.

Family members may think they know what their loved one wants. If a loved one becomes seriously injured or ill with no chance of recovery, does he or she want drastic measures taken to preserve life? Or, if there is no chance of recovery, would the loved one prefer to forgo the extreme measures and simply be allowed to die in peace? Even if the loved one verbally communicated desires to an individual, there may still be questions as to exactly what is appropriate. However, if these desires are written in the form of a living will, the family and physicians know exactly what the individual desires.

In addition to a living will, the individual will also want an advance health care directive. This document, also referred to as a Medical Power of Attorney, gives another individual the ability to make decisions on behalf of the individual. This can be important if the individual is no longer able to make such decisions due to injury or illness.

Long term care planning is just one way that the Illinois resident can continue to take care of the family even after no longer being able to do so physically. This type of planning communicates one’s desires and relieves the family from having to make difficult decisions in a time of crisis. An experiences estate planning attorney can assist with creating the necessary documents.

Source: Forbes, “The Biggest Estate Planning Mistake People Make“, Brad Wiewel, Aug. 16, 2017