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June 2017 Archives

Allocating property in a will during estate planning

Even though thoughts of death, planning a funeral and determining how to allocate sentimental possessions to surviving loved ones is not everyone’s top priority, estate planning is actually quite important. Proactive, timely and thorough planning can help to alleviate tension and confusion when one dies. People who are considering estate planning in Illinois can also clearly dictate where their possessions go for peace of mind knowing their valuables made it into the right hands.

Avoiding familial conflict in estate deliberations

While no one enjoys thinking about death or anticipating its inevitability, proper preparation can make the world of difference when it comes to estate planning. Individuals in Illinois who take a proactive role in determining how to allocate their estate can make deliberations much less stressful and contentious for their loved ones following death.

How do I know when to update my estate plans?

You may think that the only time you need to review your estate plans is when you are creating them. This misconception can result in your loved ones settling your estate and affairs differently than you planned. You may have a busy lifestyle in Illinois that leaves you little time to deal with certain important affairs. Regardless of what life throws your way, you should make time to review and update your estate plans periodically.