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May 2017 Archives

Things to consider when choosing an executor

Many people in Illinois assume that the easiest part of estate planning is choosing a person to manage their estates. An executor is a person who is responsible for settling an estate after a person dies. It is a big responsibility that should not be given lightly, states Investopedia.com. It is not uncommon for some people to choose someone close to them like their spouses and children. But there are circumstances where it may be necessary for them to consider other individuals. 

Reasons to draw up a will

Most legal experts in Illinois agree that every person should have a will. Without one, according to the New York Times, a person’s estate is handled by the state. This means that surviving family has no say in how the person’s assets and belongings are distributed. It is important for even young people to have a will because they may have important assets or arrangements that they wish to dictate.