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April 2017 Archives

How can a will be contested?

A will is an important document that communicates the deceased wishes in regards to property, assets and minor children. In some cases, though, you may decide to fight the validity of a will in Illinois. The law, according to the Illinois Courts, allows you to contest a will but only in limited situations.  You must have standing to protest the will’s validity, which means you have an interest in the outcome, and you must contest within six months after the will is put into probate.

What elements should be including in long-term care planning?

Long-term care is often needed as a person gets older and is no longer able to physically or mentally care for him or herself in Illinois. When the time comes, if you do not have a plan in place, relatives are often tasked with making decisions. In order for you to retain control over your life, planning is required. According to NIH Senior Health, long-term care planning should cover financial, medical and matters.