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How can a will be contested?

A will is an important document that communicates the deceased wishes in regards to property, assets and minor children. In some cases, though, you may decide to fight the validity of a will in Illinois. The law, according to the Illinois Courts, allows you to contest a will but only in limited situations.  You must have standing to protest the will’s validity, which means you have an interest in the outcome, and you must contest within six months after the will is put into probate.

How do you include international property in a will?

If you have property in a foreign country, you may want to pay close attention to your will. Although you may think the document is valid because it meets all of the requirements for Illinois, you may find that international property presents a different set of circumstances.

What to do before preparing a will

While end-of-life decisions are not always pleasant, they do need to be made, especially if there are dependents involved. U.S. News reports that around half of all American parents do not prepare a will, leaving their estate to be placed in intestate and subject to the individual state’s laws for distribution. While the reasons for why this happens may be unclear, there are obvious enticements for creating a will, especially for those left behind. If these guidelines are followed before meeting with an estate planning attorney in Illinois, the process can be faster, smoother and less stressful.